Dynamic Platform and Optimizations


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Dynamic Platform and Optimizations

The dynamic platform is a unique tool that provides modular and parametric vessel designs that are optimized towards a pre-selected operational profile as a starting point. Whenever the operational profile changes, the vessel concepts in the dynamic platform will change accordingly and then optimized using accelerated concept design framework.

The unique tool is developed by C-Job to reduce lead times and thus less engineering costs. Backed by our in-house developed state-of-the-art algorithms, the vessels can be optimized towards any type of objective, such as OPEX, CAPEX and workability, light ship weight, hull resistance and more. While optimizing and proposing new vessel variants, constraints such as trim limits or rules and regulations are taken into account, making sure that proposed vessel variants are also in compliance with specific constraints and regulations. With hundreds of iterations the results of an optimization will outperform a human engineer and will propose out-of-the-box concept designs.

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Jelle van de Ridder | R&D Engineer