Offshore Wind Feeder


The Offshore Wind Feeder is designed for efficient transportation of wind turbine components. The turbine components are brought to the installation site by the feeder vessel. This allows the wind turbine installation vessel to focus on the installation of the turbines and ensures operations can continue at all times. The concept design combines the knowledge of Ampelmann, the Dutch offshore access provider, and independent ship design company C-Job Naval Architects. A viable solution is created in response to the need to support the construction and logistics of offshore wind farms in the United States under the Jones Act.

- Designed for transportation of a complete set of future generation wind turbine components.
- Compact design, optimized vessel dimensions for workability.
- Workability matched with wind turbine installation vessels to boost logistic efficiency.
- Sustainable design with zero emission of greenhouse gasses.

Operation Overview

The Offshore Wind Feeder boosts the operational efficiency of the installation vessel by providing a continuous supply of wind turbine components.

Unloading Tower Sections

Unloading Nacelle

Unloading Blades

Key Design Features

Main Particulars